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The Posh Collection is the best place for Tesla rental for all the people who love this self-driving and environmentally friendly vehicle. We offer the best cars on rent for our fellow car enthusiasts with a quality of service seen nowhere in all of LA. Work with us as we are the best Tesla car rental company in the city of Los Angeles.
Tesla is known for giving you a driving experience that comes with comfort, luxury, and speed. And the best part is that it provides all of the said things while being environmentally sustainable.

Tesla Car Rental: The Car With the Best Design

The design is exquisite, with a falcon-wing door model and a futuristic exterior. The new interior of Model X comes with comfortable seating; the cabin has a ton of space with an option to switch between 5 to 7 seats and comes with a windshield large enough to give you a spectacular panoramic view from the inside of your car, making Tesla rental the best option for those want an aesthetically pleasing driving experience. The driving experience is superior to any SUV you have ever driven, as the Model X comes shift-free and stalk-free. It comes with a 17” display with a resolution of 2200×13000 for you to watch your favorite shows and play all the latest video games. The wireless gaming feature allows you to game from any seat in the car, and the noise-canceling audio system with a 22-speaker and 960 watts gives you the best gaming experience. The air-conditioning system will keep you cool in the scorching heat of summer with chilled HEPA filtered air.

Perhaps the best thing about Model X is its latest autopilot features. The vehicle comes with a futuristic autopilot system that allows you to navigate through the roads on autopilot, which means Tesla rental should be at the top of your priorities if you’re not a fan of driving. The latest AI technology allows the Model X to switch lanes automatically, which means you have a stress-free driving experience. And perhaps the coolest autopilot features are the summoning system, which lets you summon your Model X like it’s your pet, and the auto park system, which makes the hassle of parking your vehicle’s responsibility.

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