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The posh collection is the premier choice of Los Angeles for your exotic rentals. Featuring the newest high-performance, exotic and prestigious vehicles available for rent. We take pride in offering a well-maintained exotic car rental fleet with the latest and most unique models. We’re car enthusiasts with a passion for luxury vehicles. We provide a VIP level of customer service and a total rental experience that impresses from the start. If you’re looking for the best in the business, then you’ve found it.

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Exotic Car Rental Los Angeles: Serving Los Angeles With Only the Best Exotic Cars

The posh collection offers premium Exotic car rental in Los Angeles. We offer only the best Exotic car rental with a quality of service unmatched by anyone in the city of angels. What comes with Posh Collection is an experience that makes the experience of renting an exotic car easy and stress-free for our clients. Our collection of Exotic car rental ranges from Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Porsche, Mercedes, and more! Visit us today to see our collection of exotic car rentals or book your car through our website! 

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High-End Car Rentals in LA

We at the Posh Collection deal in high-end car rentals and offer a vast collection of high-end cars for you to take on a long drive! We will deliver your favorite high-end cars anywhere in Los Angeles within 24 hours. We offer the most exotic high-end cars to our beloved clients and offer the best services along with luxurious vehicles. We treat our clients like family and provide them the chance to have the most pleasure a car can offer!

Get Our Long-Term Exotic Car Rental Services

Need an exotic car rental for a week or maybe even a month across the city of Los Angeles? Then we got your back with our long-term exotic car rental services. Our company runs on the principle that our clients’ needs are a top priority, and that means we offer them the best services in LA. We take pride in providing the best cars to our clientele with the newest models and the most innovative features. Take our exotic cars for a ride and let yourself have the most fantastic experience an exotic car could offer!

No one can beat our prices, Not even TURO!

The Posh Collection


The Rolls Royce Dawn


Lamborghini Urus

MODEL X Car Rental ​

Model X

PORSCHE 911​ Car Rental

Porsche 911

G WAGON G63​ Car Rentals

G Wagon G63

G WAGON G550​ Car Rentals

G Wagon G550

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    Top City to Book an Exotic or Luxury Cars Los Angeles. We Are the Best Luxury Car Rental Los Angeles Company

    Our Los Angeles luxury car rentals company provides the citizens of LA with the best services and unbeatable prices. Our luxury cars are kept clean, and they are ready for you to take on a ride! Get your dream luxury car rental and treat yourself like royalty! What you get by renting our exotic cars is not only your dream car but excellent customer service that involves a ton of concierge services. Our team of highly trained car professionals take special care of all our clients and provide VIP service along with the most luxurious car rentals money could afford!

    Rent an Exotic Car for a Day and Take a Tour of LA

    With the Posh Collection comes the posh experience! We rent exotic cars in LA for you to take on a spin! Maybe you’re in LA on a trip from another country, or it could be your birthday or your wedding anniversary, or you just graduated from college. Then treat yourself to luxury for a day with our rent an exotic car for a day service. Our exotic vehicles are in excellent condition and kept clean, and they are ready for you to hit the road! Rent an exotic car today!

    Sports Car Rental Los Angeles for the
    Sports Car Enthusiasts

    The Posh Collection deals in the rentals of the best sports car for those who like the sound of acceleration as they take their car on a spin! Our Los Angeles sports car rental services are for the ultimate sports car fans who like their ride sporty and speedy! Work with us, get yourself a raving sports car, sit behind the wheels, and let our sports car fly you through the roads! We take pride in taking care of our clients’ special car needs! Rent a sports car from the Posh Collection today!

    Wedding Car Rental for Your Big Day

    Make the most of your big day by availing yourself of our Wedding Car Rental services. Let us take care of your wedding day by making your ride to and from the wedding venue extra luxurious with our luxury car rentals. We make sure your wedding is made even more memorable with our Los Angeles exotic car rentals! You and your spouse deserve a special car for your special day, and that’s precisely where the Posh Collection comes in. Get yourself a car from our collection of exotic car rentals and make your ride home from your wedding unforgettable!

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    All our vehicles are in pristine condition. They are clean, loaded to the max with amenities, and in perfect running order. When you rent an exotic car from Falcon, all you have to do is turn the key and you are ready to go.

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    We are dedicated to providing the ultimate exotic rental experience. The Posh Collection is your #1 source for renting exotic vehicles.

    Prom Car Rental for Your Biggest High School Party

    Want to appear cool and flex on your high school buddies? Then you need our prom car rental! It’s time to convince your parents why you need that Rolls Royce for the upcoming prom party in your school. Take our luxury car rentals and exotic car rentals to your school and rock the dance floor! Or maybe you’re a parent who wants to give their car enthusiast child a wonderful gift for their big high school party. Well then, the Posh Collection has a massive collection of the most amazing cars to make sure your kid’s high school party is made memorable!

    Airport Car Rental Los Angeles: Let Us Pick You up From the Airport

    With our airport car rental Los Angeles service, an exotic car stands ready to pick you up as you land in the city of angels. What makes the Posh Collection unique is our location. We are located close to the Los Angeles International Airport, and our cars will be ready to take you on a ride as you land! Make your trip to LA even more special with our exotic cars. Ride through the streets and roads of LA in our luxurious vehicles and experience the beauty of the city with the exotic experience that our cars offer!

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